Jungle town is a new and innovative play experience where your child’s imagination can run wild! Located at Stratford Garden Centre in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Jungle Town is designed for children who love role play.

We have created a child-sized town with many of the shops and services children interact with in real life. Exploring Jungle Town and role playing within it helps children understand the world around them.

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Roary the Lion is the Mayor of this child-sized town, running the shops and services with the help of his jungle friends. Within Jungle Town there is a café, grocery store, building site, hairdressing salon, fancy dress rail, emergency corner and doctor’s surgery – all equipped with fun and interactive toys for your children to enjoy!

Jungle Town runs 2 play sessions, lasting 90 minutes, in the mornings (1 on weekend mornings) and then drop in & play in the afternoons. Between play sessions the Jungle staff clean and restore the town to its original presentation, ready for the next round of explorers. Parents/guardians can book spaces in play sessions up to 14 days in advance.

We believe Jungle Town is perfect for all children, both big and small, who love role play. It’s a refreshing alternative for parents looking for something new and different to entertain their children whilst aiding their development. Your children will learn through role-play, develop communication and language skills, expand social awareness and build confidence.

Jungle Town is owned by longtime friends Sacha and Sarah – both intrepid explorers – who were inspired to embark on this adventure after Sacha returned home from living in China. The shops, props, costumes and toys all get the thumbs up from the Director of Quality Control, Sacha’s cheeky toddler.